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kin·dred [kin-drid]

a group of persons related to another; family, tribe, or clan


Welcome to Kindred Farm! We grow USDA Certified Organic produce in the hills of Tennessee and gather people around the table as family.

On our 17 acres in Santa Fe, Tennessee, we're raising USDA certified organic produce as well as flowers, pastured pigs, and laying chickens for our community and local chefs. We also share meals at long farm tables under the stars and enjoy the bounty of this beautiful land we're grateful to steward. Those who've gathered around our table have become like family to us and are a huge part of this story. We hope Kindred Farm is a place where people are fed with amazing homegrown food but also with peace, simplicity and a greater connection to the land and each other.

Photo: Jeremy Cowart

Photo: Jeremy Cowart

Photo: Sarah Gilliam

Photo: Sarah Gilliam

Photo: Sarah Gilliam

Photo: Sarah Gilliam

Photo: Sarah Gilliam

Photo: Sarah Gilliam

Photo: Sarah Gilliam

Photo: Sarah Gilliam



We grow USDA Certified Organic salad mix and baby greens, pasture-raised eggs, and pasture-raised pork for local chefs, markets, and restaurants. If you're interested in wholesale pricing, please contact us.


We also sell a variety of local goods at #thekindredfarmstore, our on-site farm store open every Saturday morning from 9am-12noon. Come hang with us in lovely Santa Fe, TN, let us give you a farm tour, and take home local products such as...

  • FREE hot cinnamon rolls made by The Korean Farmer

  • Certified Organic produce

  • Pasture-raised eggs

  • Pasture-raised pork

  • Pasture-raised chicken

  • Grass-fed beef

  • Homemade granola

  • Homemade freezer jams

  • Kindred Farm tshirts & hats

  • ...And whatever else new we have to offer you!

Kindred Dinners


One of our passions is gathering the community around long tables under the stars at our unique farm-to-table events called Kindred Dinners. Our next Farm Dinner will be on Saturday, May 4, 2019 - tickets on sale now!

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Contact Us


4531 Snow Creek Rd, Santa Fe, TN 38482






We love connecting with the community and other local farmers and chefs. We also have regular farm-to-table dinners and other events on the farm. Drop us a line, join our email list or follow us on Instagram to stay in the loop! 

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